Text Ahead – Datz Tampa

Want to know if we’re on a wait?

Join our Qless digital line here! OR just text ahead with the word ‘Datz’ to 626.414.3210 and join our interactive wait list.

For 7 or more, call 813.831.7000 or click for reservations. For 6 or less guests, Text Ahead!

Texting Ahead

This puts your name on our interactive wait list. Then our digital host, QLess, quotes you an approximate wait time and then continues to keep you updated with information about your place in line. This is not a reservation, this is a place in our digital line.

Text ‘S’ for Status Updates
Want to know what’s going on? Text ‘S’ to find out how much more time you have!

Text ‘M’ for More Time
Summoned too soon? Still parking? Texting ‘M’ will hold your place in line.

Text ‘H’ for Help
Texting ‘H’ will give you all the answers you need!

Text ‘L’ to Leave the Line
Changed your mind? That’s ok! Text ‘L’ and let us know.