Enjoying Hard Soda Isn’t Hard

Have you ever tried hard soda?? It’s all the rage these days and you can try the BEST of them at Datz.

Small Town Brewery, based in Wauconda, Illinois, is one of the leading hard soda breweries in the country and we’re proud to carry their stellar 5.9% ABV hard root beer.



Small Town Brewery also has a VERY unique story on the origin of their recipes. The Head Brewer and Founder, Tim Kovac’s great-great-grandfather was a ship captain and a gambler who by chance, won a brewery in the 1600’s in a card game— and the rest is history!




NJ.com weighs in on Not Your Father’s Root Beer:

Not Your Father’s Root Beer (5.9% ABV). Label: “Natural vanilla extract, other natural and artificial flavors and caramel color.” Not as strong a root beer taste as  Coney Island, but overall more pleasing.

Winner: Not Your Father’s Root Beer. The most popular hard root beer is also the best.”

Try this rad hard soda on tap today.

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